How you can help

Identify local problems.

How walkable is your community? How bicycle friendly? Explore your neighborhood on Or conduct a “walkability audit” of your own.

Get others involved.

Tell your friends and neighbors about Safe Streets Texas. (We’re also on Twitter, @SafeStreetsTX.) Talk to them about your community and ways to improve it. This is a great way to build momentum and help bring about change.

Reach out to leaders.

Talk to your local elected officials, especially county commissioners and city council members. Tell them your concerns about the safety of your neighborhood and how pedestrian-friendly areas spur economic development. More talking points are available here.

Contact us.

Are you passionate about safe streets that benefit motorists as well as cyclists and pedestrians? Want to connect with like-minded folks? We’re always looking to connect with other advocates, potential community partners and groups interested in joining our coalition. Shoot us a line.