The problem

…and what to do about it.

Our roads must fit the needs of those using them. As more Texans opt to walk (and bicycle and take public transit) as a key mode of transportation, the streets need to be ready for them. And, increasingly, given the struggling economy, the cost of gas and the aging of population, this is exactly what more people are choosing to do.

From the Complete Streets coalition:

A transportation system that prioritizes fast automobile travel has created roads that are difficult to navigate or unsafe to travel by foot, bike, or public transportation. Crossings are long, intersections are expansive, sidewalks are absent, and transit stops offer no place to sit.

And perhaps nowhere is as car-centric as our sprawling, expansive state.

We’re asking local leaders and transportation planners across the Texas to consistently design with all Texans in mind. Complete Streets work for all users–pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and transit riders of all ages and abilities.

You can help.